Aqua Aston Site Redesign

Aqua Aston manages several dozen vacation properties, from full-service resorts to boutique hotels. My Agency and I set out to create a highly engaging site that would stand out from the typical online travel booking experience by inspiring & guiding the user in their journey to planning their dream vacation.



Visual Direction

I designed the moodboard above to evoke a sense of adventure and whimsy. Rich photography, bright colors, and bold typography treatments create an immersive backdrop for the user to plan their dream trip.



Mobile First

With a large number of users booking on mobile, it was crucial to design the site with a mobile-first approach, ensuring all elements were tappable and easy to interact with on a mobile phone.



Flexible Templates

As part of the site redesign, we created flexible templates that allowed each of Aqua Aston's properties to showcase their amenities with immersive photography, informative text, and icon-based treatments.




My Role Art Director and Designer

Agency Fluid • Designers Melissa Picardo & Sarah Buehler • UX Brad Mu & Jenny Ta • Creative Director Michael Janiak